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Caring for Your Paints and Paint Brushes

Posted by Bennett Fitzgibbon on

Painting supplies are not inexpensive. Brushes, palettes, and paint can put a significant dent in your crafting budget. However, if you care for your supplies properly, you’ll extend the life of the materials without having to head to the craft store to consistently restock.

Post-Painting Care

One simple step to take after painting includes washing your brushes immediately. This is especially important when using water colors and acrylic paints since these paints dry very fast.

The longer the brushes sit, the harder it will be to remove paint specks. Wash brushes with soap and water since water alone may not be strong enough to get the brushes thoroughly clean. Pay special attention to the base of the bristles since lodged paint can affect the shape of the brushes.

When using oil based varnishes and paint, you’ll need to clean the paintbrushes in paint thinner. To do so, you would fill a glass jar with paint thinner before dipping each brush individually into the solution. Spin the brush 10 times or so to help remove the paint. Finish the process by washing the brushes in a container of soap and water.

While the brushes are still damp, use a comb to separate the bristles. If you plan to use the brush soon after the initial use, the best thing to do is wrap the bristles in plastic or set the brush inside a plastic storage bag.

Extend Paint Life

Proper brush care is one part of extending the life of your paint supplies. Taking good care of the paint is another part of the process. When you’re putting the lid back on the paint once you’re finished, use plastic wrap over the top to prevent splashing and create a seal. Mallets are preferred to close paint cans since hammers tend to dent and mangle paint cans.

Record date used on the lid along with the color name and brand. Store always in a safe location and away from extreme heat or cold.

By following these simple tips, you will prevent tossing out perfectly good paint supplies prematurely. 

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