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Our Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to make DIY projects more accessible to those who don’t have the means or expertise to source and cut raw materials for beautiful custom home decor.  


Our vision is to enable the DIYer inside everyone by providing fun, challenging and unique projects that foster creativity and yield several therapeutic benefits.

Core Values

Seal of Approval. We are proud to put our name on the work we do.

one of a kind crate values - seal of approval
5/5. We put a huge emphasis on providing an amazing experience throughout the entire customer journey.

one of a kind crate values - five stars
Leap. We are fearless when it comes to taking on new challenges and overcoming great odds. 

one of a kind crate values - leap
Salud! We celebrate our personal and professional wins as a team. 

one of a kind crate values - salud


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