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Our One of a Kind Story

Co founders Bennett Fitzgibbon and Juan Merodio

In 2014, Bennett Fitzgibbon, was breaking into the startup scene, building the marketing organization for Toronto based Turnstyle Solutions.  

Meanwhile in Spain, Juan Merodio was busy juggling a handful of ventures, including an advisory role for several companies, conducting international speaking gigs, publishing books, and keeping his 100 000+ followers up to date with the latest developments in digital marketing.

Bennett and Juan connected when Juan participated in a segment known as Ask an Expert through an interview with Bennett for the Turnstyle blog. Through a twist of fate, Juan had already been planning on moving to Toronto with his wife to develop his english speaking and writing skills. It didn’t take long for the two to realize that there could be a mutually beneficial exchange of english lessons for mentorship in the field of marketing. 

The business relationship quickly turned into a friendship. Three years later, Turnstyle was acquired by Yelp and while waiting in line at Pearson International Airport for the ensuing celebration, Bennett and Juan started tossing ideas back and forth about embarking on a new venture. 

It was evident that Bennett was passionate about incorporating his love for woodworking and DIY projects into a full time endeavour. Juan recognized that more people wanted personalized decor, that wouldn't break the bank. 

And so, One of a Kind was born to empower people with the ability to find the perfect accent piece for their home, from the comfort of their living room couch.